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I was born and raised in Lawton, Ok. At the age of ten and in the fifth grade my music teacher, Donna D. Nauman told me I could sing!  Been in music ever since.
Sixth grade I started at the age of 11 on trumpet, then moved to percussion in the 9th grade (because I could play mallets due to playing the piano), and now mainly just play piano/synth.  I have a lot of positive experiences from which to draw.  I started playing piano/organ at church at the age of 14.  Been playing at church ever since.  I played about 25 seasons as a percussionist with the Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra.  I have played many musicals, accompanied many soloists and ensembles and I also have a studio and make custom karaoke soundtracks in my home. Mainly pagaent contestants that need a specific song in a specific key that is a specific length. Rules! 
I also spent almost10 years at the retail music level selling everything from sheet music to instruments and accessories.  I then taught school music for almost 10 years at the junior high level.  I have been tuning full time since 2004.  I am also a private pilot, love to juggle and really crave and need the healing power of humor through stand-up comedy or sit-down comedy (if I happen to be at the piano). 
 When it comes to servicing your piano, I will bring honesty, integrity, and competitive pricing to you with my piano service. I have pursued piano service with a lot of forethought, planning, and study. I also find it very fun, rewarding and very interesting. I normally work alone because USUALLY no one really wants to stick around to hear a piano being tuned!  I also apprenticed for a year with a very capable piano tuner named Bob Sanders, RPT. Bob has moved to Las Cruces, NM. He studied with the late-great Jimmy Gold. Let me know how I can help you.  If I am not the right piano tech for you, I'll help you find the one.
Since 2009 I have tuned for: Harry Connick, Jr., John Legend, John Cougar Mellencamp, Robin Thicke, Bob Dylan, Sarah McLachlan, Tony Bennett, Don Henley, Marie Osmond, Steely Dan,  and Paul Simon. Which ones did I meet?  Only Harry Connick, Jr.  He is the real thing! So sincere and genuine. He carries his own personal Steinway Model D (9ft.) on the road with him!


Lid removed for recording
9' 4" grand (note the TWO lid props)
(Mason Hamlin grand piano) 


An upright piano (aka studio, console, spinet, consolette, vertical, and there are probably more)
This Yamaha upright might be called a vertical or studio?
There are other, fancier names but you get the idea. 
Just know the taller the piano the LONGER the string is, so, much better sound! 


A GREAT way to memorialize a piano by repurposing it into another functional piece of furniture! 


Real ivory has a grain pattern!

It's alright, the light is on.

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